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8 Natural Remedies to Heal Sore Throat 8 Natural Remedies to Heal Sore Throat

There are tons of prescription and off-the-counter drugs for a sore throat. However, we very much prefer the healthier natural home remedies – things you can put together in your own kitchen using common ingredients. Here are some of the most effective ones. Salt and Water Mix Mix 1⁄4 teaspoon salt with 1 cup warm […]

15 Effective Natural Treatments for Asthma 15 Effective Natural Treatments for Asthma

Purggo is great for asthma sufferers, since the bamboo charcoal doesn’t emit any allergens. However, there are proactive natural treatments we recommend to people with asthma. Try them out and see which works best for you! Ginger Research studies show that ginger reduces airway inflammation and slows down airway contraction. You can either use […]

12 DYI Body Scrub Recipes For Busy People 12 DYI Body Scrub Recipes For Busy People

These are some simple and easy to make body scrub recipes for those of us are who short on time. Treat yourself! 1. Lavender & Grapeseed Oil Sea Salt Scrub Fight acne with the exfoliating wonders of dried lavender. Ingredients: Simply add drops of lavender essential oil to your sea salt scrub. Blend in […]

18 Healthy Foods For Natural Weight Loss 18 Healthy Foods For Natural Weight Loss

Eating more to weigh less. Isn’t it awesome? Prepared correctly, these foods can help you shed up to 2lbs weekly by increasing metabolism to burn calories, and curbing your food cravings. #1 Soup or Broth – Start your meals with soups or broths and you’ll tend to eat less. Make sure to skip the butter […]

The Definitive Guide to Improving Indoor Air Quality The Definitive Guide to Improving Indoor Air Quality

A person can go 3 weeks without food, and 3 days without water, but only 3 minutes without air. Unlike food and water, which are visible and often cause immediate reactions from the body, air is out of sight and can have even greater impact on our health. We often forget and neglect air quality, […]



Adsorb & Eliminate Odor

Purggo adsorbs and eliminates odor instead of just masking it. The bamboo charcoal in Purggo is 4x more porous than regular charcoal. As air passes through the pores, odor particles are trapped on the surfaces inside, which purifies the air in your car.

Natural, Non-Toxic, Fragrance-Free

Have peace of mind. Purggo is all-natural and non-toxic. It’s fragrance- and allergen- free. It’s also 100% asthma and allergy friendly. You never have to worry about the kids or the pooch getting too close to Purggo.

Long Lasting, Sustainable, GOOD

Purggo works 24/7 passively and lasts more than 365 days. It’s the world’s longest lasting car eco-purifier. Purggo also uses honest materials such as bamboo and hemp, both of which are super renewable.



PURGGO has been working very well so far! We have gone from Los Angeles to Baton Rouge to Chicago to Portland to San Francisco with three dogs, my boyfriend, two kids and myself and the car still smells great! I would call that a HUGE win!

amy morrison

This actually works! That random hot garbage filth smell in the car is gone – all without the use of chemicals or toxic spray crap.