18 Healthy Foods For Natural Weight Loss 18 Healthy Foods For Natural Weight Loss

Eating more to weigh less. Isn’t it awesome? Prepared correctly, these foods can help you shed up to 2lbs weekly by increasing metabolism to burn calories, and curbing your food cravings.

#1 Soup or Broth – Start your meals with soups or broths and you’ll tend to eat less. Make sure to skip the butter and cream.


#2 Lemons – These citrusy fruits are ideal weight loss foods due to their alkalizing and detoxifying effect on the body. Squeeze lemon juice onto your beverages or daily meals.


#3 Salmon – Fish fats, like those found in salmon, can keep the heart healthy and your waist lean. Salmon also contains Omega 3, the fatty acid that promotes better insulin sensitivity – helping you to build muscle and lose fat.


#4 Apples – Use fresh apples as your snacks and you can decrease your calorie intake significantly.


#5 Cinnamon – This fragrant spice regulates blood sugar levels, thus helping in gradual weight loss. Cinnamon can be used to enhance the flavor of your favorite beverages.


#6 Beef steak – Steak, especially from organic beef, can help you peel off the pounds by maintaining your muscles, which destroy calories even when you’re resting.


#7 Grapefruit – Grapefruit is a quick and easy snack that can make you feel full, so you don’t end up over eating.


#8 Beans – While small in size, beans are filling, protein-rich, slow to digest, and high in fiber.


#9 Eggs – Protein-rich eggs are heavy on the tummy, helping you resist snack cravings. As a matter of fact, eating two scrambles eggs alone will help you consume less in the next 36 hours.


#10 Yogurt – Plain or Greek, yogurt is your waistline’s friend according to a Harvard research. After an extensive examination of more than 100,000 people, yogurt has been proven to be remarkable in weight loss.


#11 Virgin Coconut Oil – The unique combination of fatty acids is great for weight loss.


#12 Apple Cider Vinegar – Loaded with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and also amino acids. Studies show that apple cider vinegar makes you feel fuller, which leads to less calories consumed.


#13 Nuts – Healthy and filling, nuts make a great snack on the go. People who munch on nuts in between meals tend to eat less.


#14 Dark chocolate – Like nuts, one or two squares of dark chocolate helps you feel full. Go for dark chocolate without any sugar.


#15 Kale – One cup of raw kale only contains 34 calories. Aside from filling you up, it also contains a good amount of fiber, calcium, and iron.


#16 Oats – These hearty goodies contain up to 5 grams of fiber per serving, making them a fantastic snack if you’re craving for something filling. Replace breadcrumbs with oats in your daily recipes.


#17 Goji berries ­– Packed with 18 amino acids, they are an ideal source of protein. They’re also great in making you feel full.


#18 Buckwheat pasta – Substitute your spaghetti with buckwheat pasta and you’ll slip into your favorite jeans in a jiffy. Unlike most carbs, buckwheat contains more protein, which makes it more difficult for you to over eat.