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Purggo is a beautifully designed and German engineered
car air eco-purifier

It's Powered by:
Bamboo Charcoal & Love.

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All Natural Bamboo Charcoal Car Air Eco-Purifier

Absorbs & Eliminates Odor [+] Fragrance and Allergen-Free [+] Lasts More
Than 365 Days

Design Philosophy

We chose honest materials that are environmentally responsible, and complimented
them with a clean, simple, and friendly design language. Bamboo charcoal is deeply
rooted in Asian culture and history, and the smooth and rounded volume of our
product is inspired by Japanese simplicity and Zen philosophy.


Adsorb Odor

Purggo adsorbs and
eliminates the odor, rather
than masking it. Bamboo
charcoal is 4x more porous
that regular charcoal. As air
passes through the pores,
odor particles are trapped on
the surface inside, which
purifies the air in your car.


Long Lasting

Purggo works 24/7 passively,
and lasts more than 365
days. It's the world longest
lasting car air freshener.
Most common air car
fresheners, in addition to
being ineffective, don't last
more than 45 days.

You rock!

What the Experts Say

"I think Purggo's a brilliant idea. So many people have chemical sensitivi-
ties/allergies, and are also becoming much more aware of the flagrant toxici-
ty of those horrible sprays."
- L. Catherine Winter, Inhabitat