Testimonial 2

Chris -  65, SUV owner

I bought myself a brand new SUV as a retirement present. That wonderful new car smell lasted about a week…

My wife and I have three dogs and five grandchildren, and I was a smoker. We take our dogs to the park or the lake every day, so the smell of dog tends to be the most overpowering. We see out grandkids regularly, and the smell of food, sports equipment, and whatever else they decide to leave behind adds a truly horrendous base note to the fragrance. And of course, stale smoke rounds out the stench.

I tried a traditional car freshener, but it only made things worse. Aside from adding to the unpleasant smell in the car, my wife had a severe allergic reaction to all the chemicals in it. The kids also complained of headaches and nausea due to the strong odor.

My son suggested I try PURGGO, a natural air freshener for cars. He told me to leave it in the sun to dry out the charcoal before installing it and to be patient because it would take a few days to absorb the symphony of odors in my car.

After leaving PURGGO in the car for one night, the smell began to disappear. Within a few days, the rotten food/stale smoke odors had disappeared completely. The tough dog stink was  gone within a week. This natural car freshener leaves the car smelling clean and fresh without trying to overpower existing odors. It's well made and easy to install, and it looks good, too.

After my previous experience with a traditional air freshener for a car, I honestly doubted this product would be effective. Was I surprised! The best thing is that it doesn't cause my wife or grandkids any discomfort. I stopped smoking not only to improve my own health but also to keep my family safe, which is pointless if I expose them to other harmful chemicals.

PURGGO is the best car air freshener out there. Try it—you'll love it.