Testimonial 1

Claire -  32, mother of two

Having two toddlers and a job keeps me busy, and my car usually suffers the most from my crazy schedule. My little ones are forever exploring the spaces around them, stuffing anything from banana peels to apple slices into tight nooks. The smell in my car was becoming unbearable, especially on hot days, and I couldn't always find the source of the stink.

A traditional car air freshener is out of the question for me, not only because of the strong smell but also because of the chemicals it contains. I want my children to breathe clean air. But when my little boy vomited up milk all over the backseat and no amount of cleaning could get rid of the smell, I was desperate!

Not even professional detailing could remove the terrible stench. I left the windows down when driving (and even overnight) in the hope fresh air would help. But it didn't…I had to do something, and quickly. Especially since my third was on the way, and my sense of smell had turned into a superpower!

Thank goodness I found PURGGO. Because it's a car air purifier, it doesn't add to the stink but removes it. It takes a few days to work, and you have to remember to leave it in the sun for an hour to reactivate it before you put it in the car. It's a fantastic product: my car smells fresh again, even to my sensitive nose. It smells of nothing, no perfumes or scents.

I love PURGGO so much that I bought another freshener for the kids' room. Hanging this near the changing table really helps with the funk of dirty diapers. I'm planning to buy two more, one for the area near the kitchen garbage can and one for the small downstairs bathroom. Although it's a natural car air purifier, it also works in the home.

PURGGO has been a lifesaver for me—I highly recommend this product, especially for people who care about their own and their families' health.