PURGGO Car Air Freshener - Fragrance & Scent Free - Lasts 365+ Days - Made with 100% Bamboo Charcoal [Classic Beige]

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PURGGO is an All-Natural & Minimalistic Car Air Freshener & Eco-Purifier.

It contains pure natural bamboo charcoal.

  • Absorbs and eliminates odor instead of just masking it.
  • Lasts for 365+ days and works 24/7 passively.
  • Fragrance- and allergen-free, all-natural and non-toxic.
  • Uses one of the most renewable natural resources in the world.
  • 100% asthma and allergy friendly.


PURGGO is for you, if you:

  • Want to prevent embarrassing car odor;
  • Are in control of your own health and wellbeing, and that of your family and passengers;
  • Have allergies, breathing sensitivities, or asthma;
  • Reject the status quo and believe in effective, healthy, sustainably produced products; and
  • Want to turn your car into a personal oasis, purified naturally and safely, to enjoy your driving time.

PURGGO perfectly combines nature, science, and love.

All the product contains is pure all-natural moso bamboo charcoal, Mother Nature's purifier, which has been carbonized and activated at 1110°F - 1300°F (600°C - 700°C).

Bamboo charcoal is a tried and tested air cleanser that's been used in Asian countries for thousands of years.

PURGGO brings you this power in a convenient, attractive natural car air freshener.

A traditional freshener relies on the strength of the artificial fragrance it contains to hide odors. Instead of removing odors, it blends them with the unpleasant smell of chemicals.

PURGGO is a car air purifier - it sucks up and removes problem odors instead of covering them.

Our bamboo charcoal is sourced from the most prominent producer in the world, and contains four times the pores of regular charcoal.

Pores are important: they work like a sponge, attracting and trapping odor particles. The particles cling to the charcoal, eliminating odors from your car.

Did you know that independent EWG research found more than 89 air contaminants in traditional car fresheners?

Your health and that of your passengers and pets are #1 priority.

The all-natural PURGGO is non-toxic and contains no allergens or fragrances. This natural air freshener for cars is also 100% allergy and asthma friendly.

What's more, it's safe for kids and pets, even if they ingest it (although we certainly don’t recommend it). In fact, activated charcoal tablets are a natural alternative to Pepto Bismol used by people across the world!

In addition to being unable to remove problem odors, traditional air fresheners for cars don't last longer than six weeks. Repeatedly having to buy refills is a pain in the butt.

When we created PURGGO, we wanted to design the best car air freshener, a long-lasting product we'd use in our own cars.

The result: PURGGO works passively 24/7 and lasts more than 365 days.

Our natural car freshener is longer lasting than any product available worldwide.

Recharging is simple: place PURGGO in the sun for one hour every month to two months. Allowing excess moisture to evaporate restores its ability to purify air.

We wanted to create a responsible, sustainable product from the outset.

Growing up to 40 feet in only a few months and reaching maturity in under five years, bamboo is one of the world's most renewable natural resources.

With responsible harvesting, a bamboo grove can replenish itself forever without synthetic fertilizer or human involvement due to its quick growth and scant needs.

The outer layer of PURGGO is made of hemp because of its significantly lower environmental impact in comparison to cotton. Hemp not only needs half the amount of water but also produces twice the amount of fiber from a field of the same size. In addition, to produce a crop cotton requires an enormous amount of pesticide. Hemp, like bamboo, grows without needing any pesticide.

You can recycle your PURGGO after a year by cutting open the bag and spreading the charcoal on the lawn or in the garden, or by adding it to the soil of a potted plant. It's a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer suitable for the garden, lawn, and flowerbeds.


Life has a way of springing nasty surprises on us.

Like a car reeking of garlic and onions after forgetting to bring that delicious takeout inside last night.

Or like the smell of sweaty football gear that the kids left in the car overnight, creating a festering clang that brings to mind the bowels of hell itself.

Or like Fido's love of sharing his musky, post–skinny dip, wet-dog smell with you by rubbing his furry self all over the backseat of your car.

Some days, even the car's air conditioner conspires against you, producing an odor that reminds you of the sewage treatment plant you drive past every day.

Of course it's not enough that you have to suffer the smell: you soon realize that you have to pick up an important client or a close friend.

Uh oh.

Now your car's horrible smell becomes embarrassing! Although you're typically composed and in control, the situation becomes desperate, and you need to do something right now.

Maybe fresh air will help…Frantic, you open all the windows and speed down the highway like a bat out of hell, hoping the howling wind will eliminate the smell.

There's a glimmer of hope…The smell's gone! Or is it?

As soon as you close the windows, the odor slowly oozes back. Unfortunately, the smell soaked into your car's upholstery.

Out of sheer frustration, you turn to the disturbingly neon, artificially scented, $1.99 freshener you bought at the gas station.

You hesitate for a moment, but open it anyway.

The synthetic fragrance, composed of 89 chemicals (EWG), slams into your senses like a semi-truck.

The shock to your system makes you swerve, nearly losing your grip on the steering wheel.

A few minutes later, the scent makes you develop a headache, and suddenly your nasal passages and the back of your throat begin to feel sticky and itchy.

You try to use your tongue to scratch your throat, marveling at the way the scent seems to have turned into a taste.

The situation gets even worse when your allergies flare up or you have an asthma attack.

But it was worth it—at least you got rid of the smell!

A careful sniff reveals…the delightful bouquet of artificial pine mixed with onions and wet dog. In defeated frustration, you realize that this odor is even worse.


If this sounds familiar, don't worry—PURGGO is the answer for you.

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