17 Tips to Use Feng Shui in Your Home 17 Tips to Use Feng Shui in Your Home

Some of the most pleasant surprises in life are hidden in the unconventional – so we’re going to explore the art of feng shui. Even if you find the concept abstract, we promise if you follow the tips, you will at least have a clean and clutter-free home, and very likely much more.

The Chinese art of feng shui focuses on balancing the life force or energy of your home and creating a harmonious relationship between the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Balance creates a revitalizing, nurturing environment and brings health, happiness, and prosperity. Life force, called “chi” or “qi,” flows through you and everything around you, and it must flow at the ideal pace without being obstructed, stagnating, or moving too quickly.

Making simple changes to the interior and exterior of your home clears the path for positive energy. Let’s explore 17 tips on how to make this happen.

1. Beautify the outside of your home

Spruce up the fence and front garden to attract positive energy. Remove clutter and rubbish that block energy and allow it to stagnate, and add large decorative numbers and a colorful mailbox that make your property stand out. This way, opportunities can find you.

2. Carry out home maintenance

Flaking paint, damaged roof tiles or gutters, and other maintenance issues that make your home look run down symbolize fatigue and a decline in your wellbeing. Similarly, dripping taps suggest a gradual loss of income. Complete any outstanding home maintenance tasks to revitalize the structure and improve the flow of chi.

3. Make your front door inviting

Build an attractive pathway to your door using decorative stones, lush plants, and aromatic flowers. Invite positive energy to your home by creating a well-lit, appealing space outside the door. Increase the wattage of outdoor lighting and replace burned out lights (use energy efficient options!), add plants to the front porch for color and fragrance, wipe down the door, clean or replace the doormat, and sweep the porch.

4. Organize the entry space

Use baskets, hooks, and trays to clear away clutter at the front door. Decorative baskets are ideal for storing shoes, sports equipment, and a variety of other items usually abandoned on the floor. Keep mail and keys in a tray and hang coats and jackets on hooks. The wider the door can open, the more positive energy enters your home.

5. Open windows

Allow air to circulate through your home. Fresh air renews the life force in the environment, clears out stagnant energy, and re-energizes the home.

6. Banish clutter

Remove clutter, such as unwanted clothes, shoes, and books, from every room. Holding onto items you don’t like or no longer use implies that you’re holding onto the past, and keeping gifts you never liked generates negative feelings and saps energy. Donate or recycle unwanted items.

7. Bring nature indoors

Healthy plants and fresh flowers improve your mood and attract positive energy. Avoid plants and flowers with thorny stems because thorns impede the flow of chi. Opt for natural fibers when choosing furniture and textiles, and use trees, rocks and crystals to decorate.

8. Decorate according to your passions

Your home is your sanctuary, and the items you use to decorate it should represent your passions. Being surrounded by meaningful objects, such as travel and family photos and mementos energizes you and reminds you of the things that make you unique and special.

9. Use color to balance energy

A fresh coat of paint or colorful accents, such as pillows, throws, or vases, can balance the room. Choose orange for energy, purple and gold to draw wealth, green to improve health, blue to calm, or red to kindle passion.

10. Rearrange the living room

Rearrange the seating in a square or circle to foster a sense of community and encourage communication, and position the sofa against a wall to create a feeling of stability. Seating facing the entrance to the room invites guests to enter.

11. Revamp the kitchen

Vibrant colors and décor suggest nourishment and energy. Choose art that celebrates food and festivity, and turn the fruit bowl into an attractive display. Potted herbs without pointed or sharp leaves are ideal for the kitchen because you can use them to soften the edges of countertops, and as tasty additions to your favorite meals. Keep countertops clear and avoid leaving dishes in the sink to prevent energy from stagnating.

12. Reorganize the bedroom

Arrange your bed against a wall and add a headboard. Avoid placing the bed below a window or in a position where sleepers’ feet face the door. Use a scarf or silk fabric to cover mirrors facing the bed.

13. Use décor items to encourage romance

Using pairs of décor items in the bedroom boosts a couple’s energy and attracts love. Enhance your relationship with your partner by placing photos of you in the southwest corner of the room, or attract love by placing artwork that represents a happy relationship in this corner. Turn it into a focal point by adding two crystals, paired candles, and fresh flowers.

14. Keep electrical equipment and gadgets away from the bed

Electrical equipment, such as lights, computers, TVs, media players, and cell phones, emit electromagnetic fields that interfere with the flow of energy. Keep these items at least 6 feet from the bed or enclose them in a cabinet you can shut while asleep.

15. Cover bathroom drains to prevent energy loss

Chi escapes down uncovered drains, which could sap energy from the rest of the home. Avoid energy loss by keeping the toilet’s seat down when it’s not in use and placing flower petals or rocks over sink, shower, and bathtub drains. Alternatively, draw energy upward by hanging crystals near drains or use mirrors to circulate chi.

16. Use textiles to offset masculine energy in the bathroom

Traditional building materials found in bathrooms, such as tile, marble, and chrome, hold large amounts of masculine, or yang, energy. Introduce feminine, or yin, energy by adding fabric shower curtains and window treatments in soft colors, such as lavender and pastel green.

17. Balance the elements to create a tranquil bathroom environment

Balance the bathroom’s water energy by introducing earth and wood. Add a few healthy plants and install wooden accessories, such as a wooden toilet seat or towel rack.

What’s Next

And there you have it! 17 tips to improve feng shui in your home. How do you feel after reading this post? Let us know in the comment section.

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