40 Habits Of Highly Authentic People 40 Habits Of Highly Authentic People

[This is a guest-post we wrote for MindBodyGreen]

We live in a contradictory world. As children, we were encouraged to be true to ourselves and pursue our dreams. Yet as adults, we are often pressured to conform to society, and in the process, we often lose ourselves.

However, some people possess the ability to live truly authentic lives. They are courageous and fearless. They have unmatched emotional strength and personal conviction. Here are the 40 habits of highly authentic people that can inspire us all.

1. They carry out everyday activities in personal and unique ways.

2. They respectfully ignore instructions.

3. They take time to understand the fine print. Then, take advantage of the loopholes discovered.

4. They work hard in every aspect of their life.

5. Though some consider them to be out of the ordinary, they feel no shame being who they are.

6. They do not fear confrontation. Instead, they love opportunities to see the world from new perspectives.

7. They love to make friends with people from varying backgrounds.

8. They have no inhibitions when it comes to sharing honest opinions.

9. They enjoy being alone. It is then they are free to explore the deepest corners of their mind.

10. They are self-aware and poke fun at their own faults.

11. They are active listeners. They can even hear changes in their surroundings.

12. They understand the fact that perfection does not exist.

13. They know their limits and never take on more than they can handle.

14. They often reflect on their past and the choices they’ve made.

15. They are curious about why things happen.

16. They do not take no for an answer.

17. They always have a plan, with more than one backup.

18. Intellectual stimulation excites them more than anything else.

19. They are proactive and think clearly before taking action.

20. They are quiet unless the conversation is meaningful.

21. They listen between the lines, and find deeper meaning during casual conversation.

22. Truly authentic people understand how their brain processes information.

23. They are always respectful.

24. They are supportive and encourage others to be themselves.

25. Their first impressions of others look beyond superficial beauty.

26. They are curious and hungry for knowledge.

27. They know their answer before the question is posed.

28. They understand that every action causes a reaction.

29. They never sweat the small stuff. Worrying is a waste of their time.

30. They make light of bad situations, and are slow to pass judgment.

31. They understand that being authentic is not the same as being pleasant.

32. They jump on every opportunity for new or exotic adventures.

33. They carry vibrancy everywhere they go.

34. They listen to advice, but will only act upon it after they develop their own opinions.

35. Guilty pleasures are important to them. They learn through frivolous play.

36. They care about the environment and are compassionate to animals.

37. They are interested in social issues.

38. Authentic people live in the moment.

39. They rarely look at their phones in public.

40. They explore their immediate surroundings.

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